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Gayness and Goodness

There’s some gayness but even more goodness in this. Sean does a sick crooks, Albert tdowns a hip that is basically impossible to jump. Jeff and Boudreau get real gay. Check it out, it’s sick and super funny, filmed and … Continue reading

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Ricky boy

Killin it as usual, stoked this is up. Yea Ricky boy.

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Iphone photos part 2

Here’s the rest of the photos.

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$1.25 Ice challenge

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Iphone pics part 1

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but shits been crazy busy lately. I went through my phone a while back and realized that I had like 50 pictures from the last month or two that were pretty … Continue reading

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Clips & Dips with Jer & Mike

Here’s the newest Clips & Dip featuring myself and Mike. It’s basically a bunch of quick footy filmed in the first few seshs since Mike moved out to Van/ before I killed my wrist. PRESENCE

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A few of us made a trip to Burlington Saturday, it was a fun day. It feels like we were there for more than a day just because of everything that happened. First of all, we found a bayoo and … Continue reading

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Warm weather + good friends + bikes = good times

So saturday was an amazing day. The weather was +28 and sunny, a bunch of us got together and rode the plateau of Montreal. Mike Cardin took a few pictures during the sesh, a few of them are below. (Sick … Continue reading

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Sunday St Laurent sesh

We rode st Laurent park and surroundings this sunday. Finished the first street tape of 2009, sweet!! Here’s a few pics from the sesh.

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Had a fun session yesterday and we found 2 new spots that we have never rode before… Heres Albert shreddin one of them with a 2 pegger to over.

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