Presence YOU KNOW TIME IT IS and PRESENCE dvd online now

These two films represent a crazy amount of good times with friends, the best of times. Although the quality is butchered online, here are the full versions of both dvds. Enjoy and have fun riding bikes with your friends, that is what riding is all about.

You Know Time It Is? 2010 Presence film featuring Corey Dewey, Greg Flag, Dillon Lloyd, Jeremy Deme Max Vincent, Mike Fiz, Mike Cardin, Albert Krolikowski, Luke Santucci, Isaac Barnes, Taylor Elvy, Eric Trepanier, Frank Pasquino, Derek Milot, Justin Kirnan and many other homies. Check it.

From the 2009 self titled Presence DVD featuring Eric Trepanier, Justin Kirnan, Jeremy Deme, Mike Fiz, Greg Flag, Corey Dewey and many other Montreal Shredders/ friends along the way. Alot of these parts were already online but the Intro, friends section and credits weren’t until now.

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Eric Trepanier edit from summer 2011 in MTL featuring Eric, Jay and Rob. Eric does a legit 360 over a bum at the end, Huntingdon style.

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Taz clips/Embassy edit

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Happy Birthday Gerg

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JK/C Stace/ Van/ Derek/ CC in Albany

This is some older footy from Justin Kirn, Stace Boy, Derek, Van and CC in Albany. Rumor has it JK might be making coming out of retirement but well see what happens with that…

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New Clips & Dip

New Clips & Dip taz part 2, Joce’s birthday footy Filmed by Albert (gone downtown) Krawliksikawalksi, edited by (Gentle) Song Cooke.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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